About ME

Hi there and WELCOME to my blog! I’m Cha J. from Nueva Ecija. As a kid, I’ve always been fond of going somewhere and so my grandma labeled me a “Pasyaranda”. It’s an Ilocano term that pertains to a person who frequent going out of the house and paces leisurely somewhere. In fact one of the reasons I became a photography enthusiast is my dire curiosity of whats –out-there.  Travelling with a camera on my hand broadened my perspective in life. Every still shot whether along the road or in any place had its own story to tell. They’ve become more than just a souvenir but are precious memories. And so this blog is in retrospect of my travels and pretty much anything else I’m interested to. It’s also an embodiment of my dream to travel all-over the Philippines and I hope the world in the future.

With love,



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