The Giant Gorilla Burger of Pangasinan

A new burger shop in Umingan, Pangasinan started to make its buzz in town as it serves giant burgers that certainly will peak the interest of burger enthusiasts. Not only these burgers have tender beef patties but it comes with fresh vegetables that are good for the health.  How do I know about this? Well, I did try the 12” ultimate gorilla burger in “Gorilla Burger Shop” recently.  It’s good for 3- 4 persons and comes with a pitcher of iced tea for php399.

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But that’s only the tip of the iceberg because they also serve an array of burgers in different sizes. So if you want to visit and try the giant one, be sure to come with a couple of friends or with your family as I doubt it that you can finish it all up (or can you?).

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Apart from burgers, they also have shakes, nachos and fries. A must try is the Double Dutch shake that I find very chocolatey and satisfying for a person with sweet tooth like me. The shakes here are also not direly pricey at least php50 per mason jar.


The Gorilla Burger shop have a cozy ambiance with its black and wood design elements.  However, it only has few tables and seats which I think is not a big issue because I noticed that most of the people who drop-by prefer to take-home burgers.


Gorilla Burger is in front of the Umingan public market. Yet it is not noticeable as it was pushed a bit further from the street. A guide you can watch out for is the Chicken Ihaw-Ihaw stand alongside a road signage.

Hang-out in the Gorilla Burger shop on your snack time and try one of their giant burgers.



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