Bolinao’s Suman Sa Latik

Suman sa latik is a variant of the famous all-time Pinoy snack favorite “Suman”. The delicacy added a twist in the typical Suman that is made from sultry rice and wrapped in banana leaves.  It is in bamboo containers and comes with a sweet sauce or latik.  You can buy these Bolinao’s Suman sa latik… Continue reading Bolinao’s Suman Sa Latik


Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Apart from beaches, Bolinao also prides itself for having the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Constructed in 1905, the lighthouse is the second tallest of its kind in the Philippines. At 351meters above sea level, it comes next to height against the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos Norte. I remember, a few years back when I visited… Continue reading Cape Bolinao Lighthouse


Vitamin SEA: Patar Beach Escape

Summer months are already nearing its end here in the Philippines. From April to May, the sun shines with stench of blazing heat day-by-day. Good thing, it’s this time of the year that the Ecijanos club of Lupao (where my uncle and big bro are members) gear up for a beach vacation. They decided to… Continue reading Vitamin SEA: Patar Beach Escape