Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Apart from beaches, Bolinao also prides itself for having the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Constructed in 1905, the lighthouse is the second tallest of its kind in the Philippines. At 351meters above sea level, it comes next to height against the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos Norte.


I remember, a few years back when I visited the lighthouse, it was a secluded kind-of place where one can only hear the chirping of the birds. Gladly, the lighthouse is now bustling with tourist as it was converted and being developed as a tourist spot in Bolinao.


The lighthouse played a significant role in history as it served as guide of international vessels that enters the West Philippine Sea. Its main purpose is to prevent unchartered sea tragedies. The lighthouse lamp’s light can be seen outlying 44 kilometers away.


Cape Bolinao Lighthouse was built by American, British and Filipino engineers. In fact, the lighting apparatus’ parts were shipped from France and England which made it hard for Filipinos to replicate. Hence, a possible reason that led to the defunct of the lighthouse.


A total of 140-stepped spiral staircase makes up the structure so traversing it to the top will provide a panoramic view of the nearby sea and possibly view of whole Patar. (The lighthouse was locked, might be for accident prevention).

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Apart from the lighthouse, the Cape’s compound have two runes of infrastructures, a view deck and a water tank. There are two holes in the ground that made me think of a possible underground area since I can feel cold air coming from it. Bogenvillas are also abundant in the area.

The Cape Bolinao is a good sidetrip when you visit the Patar Beach. Just remember to bring an umbrella as the compound is direly exposed in the sun.

Tip: You can buy “pasalubongs” and souvenir products on shops situated at the bottom of the Punta Piedra Point Rocky Hill where the Cape Bolinao lighthouse was located.


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