Vitamin SEA: Patar Beach Escape

Summer months are already nearing its end here in the Philippines. From April to May, the sun shines with stench of blazing heat day-by-day. Good thing, it’s this time of the year that the Ecijanos club of Lupao (where my uncle and big bro are members) gear up for a beach vacation. They decided to go in Bolinao Pangasinan’s Patar Beach.

Seaview Resort

I woke up 2 am to catch the 3 am call time. The delayed time with almost 4 am departure made us reach the Seaview Resort at about 10 in the morning. I was disheveled since I slept on the way and so I sat at the corner eating my breakfast #latestart.


Luckily, along with my granny, uncle, auntie and big bro, we were able to settle on one of the room-typed nipa hut cottages facing the sea. For php3,500, it comes with two rooms with single bed, a balcony, a comfort room and an open concrete cottage.


The open cottage allowed us to have our snack, lunch, dinner and breakfast while admiring the stretch of bucolic blue sea view.


Another hang-out spot we had is under the shade of coconut trees.  We brought a tent, a flootie and inflatable bed so we were able to enjoy the sea breeze while chatting with passers-by.


Amenities in the resort include unlimited use of Kayaking gear, php250; One-day Videoke, php1000 (curfew hour 7-8 pm because a church is nearby); play volleyball, free and boat sailing, rate unknown.

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Seaview Resort lies kilometers away from a “talipapa” and far from the Bolinao public market. Your only redemption on food is Food Crafters which is the nearest kiosk, right outside the resort. They sell snacks such as hamburgers, hotdog, halo-halo and french fries. My big bro paid three burgers with egg, cheese plus coleslaw,  two orders of cheese, french fries and three halo-halo for php270. The burger and halo-halo is certainly a must-try.


You can buy a small bag of ice cubes in the resort for php25. They’re so few so I would advice for you to buy ice before going in the resort and while you’re at it might as well buy food for your convenience.

The Beach

An interesting fact about the Patar beach sea is that the water levels on more than 500meters is low. As in ankle to above leg high so a strategic vantage point on taking a picture on the sea can give the impression of walking above water.

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The water is crystal clear but you have to watch-out for parts with sea grass and stones. They’re quiet tricky because of sea creatures that lurks on it. I would advise for you to wear a footwear for swimming (sorry, I don’t know what is called even though my mom have a pair).

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There are two floating “kubo” in the beach. One have ropes tied-up on it and the other had a mini-bridge on it.


An amible time to swim in the sea is during the Golden Hours. Otherwise if you want to walk-around beyond this hours, be sure to wear sunglasses, a hat and use sunblock lotion as the sun shines harshly in the beach.

Tip: You can buy Bolinao’s native delicacy “suman sa latik”  to vendors roaming around the beach for 3 servings at php100.

Where: Patar Beach, Bolinao Pangasinan

Travel Origin: Nueva Ecija

Travel Time:    5-5.4 hrs


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