La Union

A Bit of San Fernando City

San Fernando City is the capital of La Union province. It is surrounded by Naguilian, Bagulin, San Juan and Bauang. To conclude our holy week church visit in 2017, we travelled from Bauang’s Gapuz Vineyard to the city to visit the St. William Cathedral. Of course, we can’t miss the chance to roam a little in San Fernando. Here’s where I and my family went to:

1. Ma-Cho Temple

Address: Ma-Cho Temple Driveway, San Fernando, La Union     

Open : regular working hours  & on weekdays


Ma-Cho Temple is a Taoist temple situated at an elevated area.  At 70 feet above sea level, the temple renders an overlooking view of the nearby houses and  the sea.


The temple’s name Ma-Cho is quiet tricky because in  pinoys’ salitang kanto , it depicts a masculine hunk. In this case, the temple is dedicated to the chinese deity Ma-Cho whom people ask for all kinds of luck. She’s referred to as sea goddess because there’s a myth that Ma-Cho once lived as a human with extraordinary gifts and that she healed a lot of fishermen. Hence, justify why the temple faces the West Philippine Sea.

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The temple was erected in 1975 and had been open to public for years now.  In the praying area, you’ll see the elaborative design of the altar with its ceiling serving as a highlight. According to Manong guard, most of the people who prayed in the temple had their wish come true. I wonder if my wish would be realized soon (crossed-fingers).


Roaming around, you’ll see the majestic structural design of the temple in its multi-storey style.


Also, almost everywhere you’ll see Chinese elements like lanterns.

There’s no entrance  free, you can take photos but  remember to be courteous to temple people and to  respect the solemnity of the place.

2. Filipino-Chinese Friendship Pagoda

Address: Aguila Road, San Fernando, La Union         

Open : visit anytime, anyday


Our last stop is the Filipino-Chinese Frienship Pagoda.  Being at the top of a hill,  you’ll have an overlooking site of San Fernando City. From the bustling streets, buildings to the blue hued shorelines that boarders the city.


Fresh air vents all over the pagoda. Silence is observed so don’t be suprise if you find yourself yawning and feeling sleepy here. This place is good for meditation and good as view deck but sadly there are people who vandalized the pagoda.


I hope the people in-charge of this place will restore the pagoda into a place free from vandal. Whilst I hope the people who will visit it in the future will be responsible enough to help make the pagoda clean by properly disposing trash.

Anyway, this concludes my San Fernando City experience. There are more places you can visit in the city and I hope I get to explore them when I go back there in the future.



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