La Union

Easter Sunday Gapuz Grape Hunt

Few kilometers away from Agoo is Bauang, La Union. It is famous as the Fruit Basket of the North and an attraction here are the grape vineyards. There are four yards you can visit namely Lomboy, Calica,  Mangguera and Gapuz.


Among the four, I went to Gapuz .It was claimed that the yard had its first cutting from the Lomboy farm. Hence, the start of the Gapuz grape vineyard in 1980.

Since its Easter Sunday, I decided to play my own version of Easter day hunt. However, instead of colorful eggs, I hunted for red violet hued grapes though haha. The entrance is affordable at php20 per person.


Here, you can pick grapes around the vineyard for php350 per kilo. There are people who’ll assist you and provide a basket as well as a scissor for your convenience.


If you wanted to have your own grape plant, you can also buy grape seedling for php50.

The people in Gapuz are very accomodating so be at ease on asking anything about the yard.

Btw, you can eat grapes onsite if you wanted to.


Grape Season: March-May

Open Hours: 7 am to 6 pm

Address: Bauang, La Union





3 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Gapuz Grape Hunt”

  1. Wow. Must be nice living in a vineyard area cause fresh grapes are within reach. It’s my first time going in a vineyard and I love the place a lot. Btw your blog site’s interesting Jesh, keep posting. You too have a great week.


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