Exploring the Night Streets of Baguio

Whoever says going out at night on a stranger place is a terrible idea will likely miss out a lot on vacation. This is what I thought as I successfully pitched my way out of the hotel and had my mom as well as my big brother agree to go out with me.

IMG_0757.jpgBaguio’s session road have never been so alive with commercial lights blinking side-by-side, from one establishment to another.

IMG_0753.jpgI was among the streak of people walking around, doing an evening stroll. By 8 pm the temperature went down  and it continues to decrease so it’s getting colder as the night progresses.

IMG_0741Our first stop is the mazed-like Ukay-Ukay that shows a lot of second hand shoes, bags and clothes. They even have collector items such as old mechanical camera models. The good items are direly pricey but if you are patient enough, you’re sure to find good ones among the truck load of cheaper stuffs.

IMG_0797.jpgThen, we went down  to the dubbed “night market of Baguio” in front of the Melvin Jones Grandstand. The vendors were able to finish rolling out stacks of ukay-ukay in the street by 9 pm. Unlike the stalls we went to in session road, the things here are extremely cheap. You can buy a sando for as low as php10 and a short jeans for php25. Your php100 will certainly buy many stuffs here.

The night market stays until dawn or just until there are customers. Not many outsiders knew it existed because it’s not publicly advertised. I just found out about it through the locals I talked with.

IMG_0781.jpgBeside the night market, we went to the Igorot garden. It’s one of the must see sites in Burnham park.

IMG_0785The focal element of the place is the five statues that represent the Igorot tribes of  the Ibalois, Bontocs, Kalingas, Ifugaos and the Kankanaeys. The park is clean so I confidently sat on the stage’s stairs while eating a cheese burger and sipping a cola that I bought from the sidewalk.

Igorot garden was the last stop before we headed back to our hotel. We were checked in at Hotel Henrico in Legarda road, the accommodation is so-so for its price range and it comes with a good breakfast buffet.


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