Into the View

Stress and a rumbling schedule had me going for a week. Time is the greatest scarcity in my life now (I wish I had more of it) #adulting. And so I stood at the midst of alley of people in mines view, heaving a sigh while the moist cold breeze dampens my face. I am at the city of pines and spending some time-off with my family.

216I was pulled out from my reverie or “muni-muni” moment by my mom who asked me to take her photo. She is in her go-to outfit and amiably happy to walk around.

1_4.jpgSince, I had been going to Baguio and I frequent mines view, I noticed the improvement of the area. First, a welcome arc was erected.

3_2.jpgSecond, there are no longer congested stalls that blocks the way to the view deck because a building was constructed for the stalls.

4_2Lastly, there is now a long stretch of concrete pathway under the humongous pine trees.

5_3.jpgAlong the way, we passed-by diverse kinds of flowers being sold at least php60 and above. There’s Ashitaba, Lucky Bamboo, Poinsettia and so much more.

15Just a few footsteps away is the wishing well or pond . It was in hid sight so you have to peek downward on the right railing to see it. I enjoyed trying to hop some coins on the small basket-like thing at the middle of the pond. My recklessness caused most coins to end up in the water though haha.

10_2Before entering the deck, there are cute horses whom you can have a photo with for php50. Oh and by the way, you can wear a traditional native costume at the entrance of mines view for I think a hundred pesos. I tried one on, years back so I didn’t wore it this time around.

6_2.jpgMoving forward, at the end of the pathway we reached the Pagoda which serves as the view deck. You can see here, the panoramic view of mountains with lush pine trees that ooze with a sense of solidarity feels. They stood majestically under the blue hued sky, showing everyone the beauty of Mother Nature.  That’s why we should take care of our environment. It is a source of good ambiance and provides resources to us all.

8This concludes my quick and stress-relieving experience at mines view, hope you liked it. Come visit the place soon, it’s good for some #metime moment.

Trivia: At the view deck, you can see coffins in the backyard of a private household. According to some locals, there is a custom among the Benguet Igorots whereas they bury their dead somewhere near the house.


Where: Mines View Observation Deck, Baguio City
Travel Origin: Nueva Ecija
Travel Time: 3.5-4 hrs (via Kennon Road)

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