Other Things To Do During The PIHABF21

Apart from balloon watching, riding and paragliding, there are plenty of stuffs that you can do within the onsite of the event.


1. Watch Mini-Concerts


There are times that guest performers who either sang, dance or do something entertaining we’re up on the stage. Its free standing so if you want to sit down ,  I wouldn’t advice  the indian-type sit  as  the ground  comprise   of  “lahar”.  Just bring a thing you can sit-on instead.


2. See Exhibitions
Beside the stage is the open field where various exhibitions of planes, cars and of course balloon take-offs happens. You can check the website of PIHAB21 for schedule so you don’t miss out anything you’re interested to.


3. Kite Flying and Souvenirs Shopping


Buy a kite for only php50 to php800. They come in different shapes and colors so you’ll never run-out of options. Just remember though that kites as well as drones  (if you have one) are banned for a short while whenever there’s a plane exhibition  or if the hot air balloons are up. Apart  from kites, you can buy some souvenirs like the mini hot air balloon at least php100, magnets sold at three for a php100 and a wooden engraved hot air balloon tag for display sold  php150 and up.


4. Play At the Play Penn
If you want to do more than kite flying, visit the Play Penn. You can do  archery, mini-wall climbing and other recreational activities here.


5. Food Trip
Enjoy foods available at the long line of tents that offers pretty much everything. From fastfood, to lutong bahay, donuts, shawarma and pastas, they have it all. They’re affordable but expect them to be a bit pricey than the usual, specially the drinks.


6. Camp Out and have a Picnic
If you’re not into food trip, you can camp with a tent and have some picnic. If you forgot to bring a tent, you can buy at the SM stall that sells 3-4 persons tents at php 599.


7.  Explore the Stalls


Visit the stalls that sells a variety of items such as clothes, make-up, bags, tactical gears, tent (if you didn’t brought any) and much more.


8. Avail Freebies and Free Games
A lot of sponsors offer free stuffs and fun games with prizes. Nesfruta for example had a booth that allows guests to play dojima and they also give Nesfruta juice sachets. As for me, I was able to take some newspapers with mineral waters from Business Mirror and Philippine Star. Nescafe also gave me 30 pcs coffee sachets so I now have an almost a month’s worth of coffee. Thanks to all who gave me freebies’ by the way 😉


9.  Take a lot of Photos
The site is a photo amiable place with a lot of things to see. Just be mindful of the weather and the time of the day as this can affect the composition of your photos. For me, the best time to take is early morning and during the golden hours to avoid harsh lighting on a sunny day.


Where: Omni Aviation, Clark 
Travel Origin: Nueva Ecija
Travel Time: 2-3 hrs (via Expressways)


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