Welcome To The Balloon Paradise!

Whether at sunrise or dawn, Hot Air Balloons swarming in the sky is such an awesome sight to see. I mean who doesn’t love balloons as a kid?  Remember the one special ”mother balloon” on birthdays for the celebrant? The only difference is that now, there are so many Hot Air Giant Balloons for everyone to feast on in the 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta or #PIHABF21.


It’s an annual fiesta that is typically celebrated in February and joined by people around the world.  This year, it’s from February 9 to 12 and I was lucky enough to witness the opening. I came from Nueva Ecija so had to wake up at 2 am to catch the 6 am take-off of Hot Air Balloons for the Hare n’ Hound event.


Such an early grind for not a morning person but hey it’s worth it. If you can’t get up early and don’t mind staying up late no problemo because there’s another balloon flight at 7 pm for the evening glow.



At the onset of the fiesta is the badass performance in the sky by three paragliders. One rolled out the Philippine flag while the other two performs an exhibition with smoke effect that’s so cool as they gradually descend to the ground.


The crowd began to rave in excitement as the hot air balloons were inflated one-by-one. Each balloon was designed differently by theme, company or institution name. There’s Resorts World, SM and so forth. Amongst all, my favorite is the Coca-Cola bottle balloon that oozes with classic appeal.


Mind you, it gets really crowded as the sun starts to peak at the sky.  Everyone is eager to take photos. It’ll be advantageous for you to arrive early and scout the field to find a good spot.  I had to squeeze in as well as walked around just to get good vantage points.

While photos serves as a chunk of memorabilia remember the most important take away is for you to enjoy the moment.

The entrance fee is  php350. If you want to experience more than balloon watching, you can pay to ride the balloons or even paraglide. Click the banner to visit the event’s site: 


Btw, some of my shots got featured in GMA’s You Scoop. Check it out! 🙂

Where: Omni Aviation, Clark 
Travel Origin: Nueva Ecija
Travel Time: 2-3 hrs (via Expressways)

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